You are a Fire, Baby!

If it breaks you,
burns you,
tries to turn you
to a s h e s…
Well! It doesn’t know
birthed with the spirit
of a p h o e n i x
from smoldered
c h a r c o a l
after it was bitter cold.
Keep going strong peeps!💪🏻
Happy Monday! 💛

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When the light go out

Never miss a chance to feel the bright side ✨
When the light
g o o u t
and there is
n o t h i n g
you can see,
close your eyes
and think of
r a i n b o w s
in clear blue skies.
💓UNCONDITIONAL- a collection of 101 eternal love poems is available on Amazon worldwide.✨⠀

💓UNCONDITIONAL MERCH is available in US and Europe. 💫⠀

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कितनी गुफ्तगू करनी है इस एक लम्हे में ये लम्हा जो ठहर जाये तो एक ज़माना गुज़र जाए-2

I look at you with dreamy eyes and you give me a promise to make it all happen in my life.

Dear Sky,
I am blessed to have you above me. It’s because of you that I literally, always have something to look up to.

The classic blue, or that gentle tan orange, the rosy pink, or that promising purple, you open up a palette of colors in nature. You paint your various moods and change the vibes of billions looking up to you. You give us a sunny smile, a rather rejoicing rain, a stubborn stormy mood, and spooky chills at a dark night.

Everytime I look at you, I get into a different mood. Sometimes I just enjoy watching the birds fly in your vastness. The other times, I marvel the phenomena of clouds moving rapidly with you, yet reaching nowhere. I think there is something you wish to tell us by showing this: to be aimless, yet keep moving? I don’t know what it is.

Dear Sky,
Whenever I look at you, trying to live in the moment, you give me a diffeerent purpose to live altogether. You show me the magic of life. You give me an inspiration to live, so strong, like nobody else can. You show me a different side of you throughout the day, happy or sad, a million expressions, giving me a hundred feelings, making the trillion particles of my body experience a different emotion, a new story, every second, never repeating. I love you!

How can you make, every sunset look so perfect?
How can you make the giant airplanes look like a star at night?
How can you contain the beauty of moon, all by yourself, all night long?

You have a magic, you cannot contain.
You know spells which make us swell.
Caught in your enchanting dreamland,
you show us our hopes coming to life,
motivating us to push our limits.

Dear Sky,
You manifest limits by being limitless yourself!

Till sky is the limit,
Love always!


26 Feb.001

Some pieces that you write sometimes just don’t make any sense.

I feel like they are all for yourself. They are like food to your soul. They satisfy you and your desire to write.

That is the reason why I don’t feel like sharing everything with the world on Social Media. They are your inner intense thoughts that provoke your senses, that make your heartbeat race with emotions that even I don’t know about yet.

For instance this piece of writing or the one you just wrote and tore off.

Do you think people understand this? Do you think they understand the kind of catastrophe you are going through while writing these things?

“I don’t know. I don’t know, OK! What I know is that it makes me feel light from the inside and happy. Isn’t that all that matters?

I do sometimes feel like people don’t understand me but then they do, I stand on my toes with excitement. When they don’t I fall back on you for your help and support and that nurturing potion that you feed me, to make me feel better and grow stronger.

I think it’s an inescapable loop for both of us and it is high time we start supporting and understanding each other. I don’t want to care about the world anymore. All I want is your body, name, and face to define my soul.

Are we together in this?”

Do you think I have an option?

Love always!


tl_unfinished dreams.001

Last year, I saw a dream and thought to make it a sensation. A sensation, in not just mine but everybody’s life that dream of mine touched. Happy to say it worked somewhat and with a heavy heart I publish, it didn’t work out the way I had thought it would.

I am talking about these Tuesday Letters!

Last year, I started with the concept of creating unforgettable content through these heart-touching letters. And, for a major portion of the beginning of 2018, I kept my promise alive. Then, as they say, and as we all know, something happens to these good vibes and resolutions and we give up. I got hit by the same wave multiple times. But still, I managed to write half of the letters I had planned.

This half, of the dream that I saw, which I was able to showcase in full might to the world outside my universe of thoughts makes me smile today. I wouldn’t like to demean my 50% efforts at this point because it didn’t work out completely.

The other 50% however, of the dream left incomplete, makes me question a lot of things these days. You know what kind provocative and self-doubt questions I am talking about here now. And, I don’t want to be in this position at all. So here, I am starting again.

With a fresh start to my stale dream,
With my energies high to keep my dying dream alive,
This is to my unfinished dreams.

And for all of you out there… for your unfinished dreams – go back stronger and work harder. Like. Never. Before!

More power to you all.
May you all dwell in your dreams.

With love!


A festival which brightens up each corner of darkness around you. A festival which lights up your conscience. A festival which brings old stories and new memories along with it. Diwali!

Dear Diwali,
I wonder how you’ve managed to carry your charm around for all these years? As a kid, I grew up listening to a lot about you and the fact is, things have not changed much yet. You have just grown bigger and merrier.

I remember how everybody in the house had their roles to play when you used to be almost ready to come. Mom preparing sweets and other savories to offer the guests, dad taking care of getting the house repaired or painted if necessary, everybody cleaning the entire place up to make sure everything lights up and looks beautiful when you arrive. As a child, I was also most excited about burning firecrackers. It was magical. In fact, it is still magical.

Getting to wear new clothes to greet you with all our energy and freshness was and still is the best part. Lighting up diyas and placing them in every corner of the house is still another best part of your arrival. I feel, with all this festive vibe, you also give us a chance to not just celebrate your homecoming but also think about ourselves and our lives; about how we can light up our world and feel as festive and excited about something every day of our life. Isn’t it?

I might have grown a little old, living this festival every year, but I just can’t get enough of you. The king of all festivals, you make me miss home like nobody else. I wonder who would be playing my part of putting diyas in place, around the entire home, this Diwali?

With you, since childhood, I’ve learned that light always wins over darkness and this lesson is still as fresh in my mind and memory, as if I just learned it from that book of “Ramayana”.

Dear Diwali,
Thank you for bringing light to our lives and giving us a festival so special that everybody in the family can bond over it and make the “feeling called home” all the more special.

With all my heart, “Shubh Deepavali!”
Love always!


Dear butterflies in my stomach,


You flutter and flutter,
moving deep inside my heart,
controlling my head,
for all those moments,
when I lose my heart.
And you watch how my heart,
takes a leap of faith,
and my soul so bold,
smiles from within and frails.
But beaming like that light
of a shooting star a thousand miles apart,
which I saw yester-year,
and closed my eyes,
to make a wish come to start.
A wish that looks exactly like this,
like him,
like my whole world in him.
Like my stars and moons,
all aligned to doom
my feelings,
in this strange delight,
when these butterflies flutter
and flutter so hard,
in my stomach to give me the par.
While this stranger makes me feel,
like the princess of those stars,
beautiful as ever
and as delicate as a flower,
those rosy cheeks and
pink tinted lips,
I carry them for every streak
I pull my hair back,
and then let them loose,
mess around in the air
for my share of fare too.
The Sun and the slight breeze
against my hair and cheeks,
Dear butterflies in my stomach,
I hope you settle down without a breach,
or give wings to my fancy desires,
to break free from this spell,
before that stranger rings the bell.

Love always!


Dear home,

I miss you! You are my den, where I can just be and let things be. I never thought I’d miss you so much so when I was young. I used to hate you a lot back then and would always find reasons to not stay around; either going to a friend’s home or spend my entire afternoon and evening in the colony. As if, I never wanted to come back to you, and that’s partially true too. But, whenever I stood there, ringing the doorbell, you welcomed me back with arms wide open.

I didn’t realize it ever, but you always gave me my space, whenever I wanted. No matter if there were people crunched up or I had the entire place to myself, you made sure I get my portion of space appropriately for a bad day at school, fight with my best-friend, break-up in college, or to vent out my frustration for not getting placed. You’ve understood me and my needs so well, all these years.

And more than all of this, you’ve given selflessly to me, without any favors. You’ve given me some of my best moments to cherish for a lifetime; my childhood memories. Your terrace where I celebrated Holi and enjoyed dancing in the rain when I was a child, I miss it so much now. You’ve also given me time, each year, to light you up, in whatever way I want, for Diwali. You’ve given me these small joys of getting the things I like, from the outside world and place them in your corners, making every corner of yourself special for me, with my memories. I kept getting things back home, creating my own world, but it’s you, who gave me that world to me. And yet, I never realized how important you’ve been in my life.

Today, when I am away, on every occasion, I realize it all. To move ahead in life by standing against the odds and fighting this rat-race, you knew, I’ll walk out one day, forever. But, you never pulled me back. Instead, you gave me the strength to fight and fueled my dreams to life. I don’t know, how I should thank you for shaping my entire life. I love you the most, of all! Be my strength forever. Call me back through memories and tell me how important you are to me, to keep me grounded. For all that you’ve done for me, I want to be your strength forever.

And for this Diwali, “Call me home, maybe!”, I am on my way.

With love!


Yes! I want to soar high and touch that sky.
Yes! And it’s only you who keeps me alive.

Dear aspirations of mine,
If there is a dreamland in reality than that is you. And I am eagerly waiting for that day when I can walk into that dreamland, somewhere amidst the clouds, without any worries or inhibitions, creating magic.

You give wings to my thoughts and this sparkle to my eyes. If indeed, you were not around, I would be doing nothing at all.

It’s because of you that I keep looking out for more adventure and experience. It’s because of you that I push myself beyond my limits. It’s because of you that I have, always have, my feet above the ground.

But your grey days are worse. I don’t even want to discuss them. You give me endless sleepless nights with daydreamy delights. You take me to roadblocks where I get stuck for days, without any help. And once you even took me to this foreign lonely land. I mean, I like that thrill and adventure… but what is with all this? While my people try to get me out of it, they really can’t. I remember being alone there, lost in my own thoughts, among many people but still alone and lost. I hate to even think about those moments and time. I hate you for this. Can you make this side of yours more decorated?

You give me these strange feelings too. Whenever I am with you, I start ignoring all the conversations around me and get completely lost in you. I am amused by how much you know me though. You take me by surprise when you encourage and motivate me to do something. I mean, I am surprised by myself and my capabilities and by the way you bring out the best in me. I can’t thank you enough for doing all that you do for me.

I am so so so glad to have you in my life and the way we get along together from all our highs and lows is tremendously mess-merizing to me. I wonder how you know all these ways out.

It’s because of your that I dazzle and my life sizzles. I thank you for all that you do for me and more. May our bond grows stronger and together, let’s create that magic. More power to you.

With love!

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